Got graffiti? No problem. Amos Servicesgraffiti-removal-amos-services exists to remove graffiti and keep it away for good. Aerosol paint, crayon, permanent marker pen or whatever has been used to create that unsightly graffiti in your property – we’ve got it covered.

With 20 years of graffiti removal experience, we have developed highly effective and safe procedures to get rid of graffiti of any kind without leaving any trace of damage. For us, no graffiti is irremovable. If we can’t remove it, we bring back the surface to its original state.

We also offer anti graffiti services that deter a graffiti comeback. Let us solve your graffiti problem right away. Don’t give those graffiti vandals the chance to show off their tags to their friends or attack your property again. It only takes a quick call to us to come and remove graffiti anywhere in Sydney in no time at all.