Would you like us to clear your blocked drains

We know that  blocked drainsblocked-drains-sydney can be a major headache and disruption. At Amos Services we have tons of experience in working with all sorts of blocked drains in many different types of buildings.

A blocked drain can be caused by many issues from debris, oil, and residue building up in your pipes, all the way through to the forces of nature and tree rots crushing or breaking a pipe.

Having the right tools and equipment such as a CCTV camera are important for any plumber working on your blocked drain and something our team of plumbers at Amos Services are armed with in every truck.

From your bathroom and kitchen to your sewer line and storm water lines. The friendly team at Amos can clear blocked drains of any sort in the Sydney area.

Why Choose the team at Amos Services to clear you blocked drains?

At Amos Services we have a simple process for drain cleaning, allowing you to save money, and letting the process run smoothly so you can get on with your life:

1. Call one of our friendly plumbers to book a time that is convenient for you, and fits in with your busy schedule

2. One of our plumbing experts will arrive at your Sydney home to inspect your blockage, and see what they can to do clear it. For blocked sewer lines and storm water pipes our experts are able to quickly locate the source of the blockage using their pipe locators and CCTV cameras.  You are not charged any call out fee for this service (unless it is after hours).

3. You will then be given a fixed price quote with no obligation and no hidden fees. We like to tell our customers what the price is beforehand, so you won’t find yourself with any nasty surprises after the job is done.

4. If you decide to go ahead with the drain cleaning project, our plumbing professional will get your blockage cleared quickly and efficiently using their state-of-the-art jet blaster and other tools. This  allows you to save on labour, and save you money. Furthermore, our plumbers are clean, and will not leave you with a big mess to clean up afterwards

5. If tree roots were the cause of the blockage, our experts can apply Rootx to prevent the roots from growing back, or use a Reline solution to prevent tree roots from ever entering your pipes again.

6. Your blocked drains are now clear and you can get on with your life, with minimal disruptions to you or your family.

For extreme cases we also have emergency services, where you can call us any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to have an expert come to your Sydney home and help you with your blocked drains.

Amos service all of Sydney and it’s surrounding areas with all of their plumbing issues, repairs, renovations and everything in between. Our plumbers are the best – because we train them to be. We give our plumbers the best education and the best tools, coupled with the best working environment and a positive outlook on servicing our clients. We know that if we take care of your blocked drain or any other issue you have with your plumbing – you’ll call us back – and together our business can grow and your plumbing will never cease to flow. We can get to anywhere in the Sydney metro and surrounding suburbs within an hour from your call, or we can come at any time that suits your busy life style the best – that’s a 24 hour a day 7 day a week service. Call one of the team on 0401 091733 now and save immediately – we’ll give you a 10% discount on your blocked drain repair or any other plumbing job, and if you’re a senior citizen we offer you 20% saving on your job. Our fixed price quotes are just that, too. The price we quote is the price you’ll pay – that’s a guarantee. Don’t let anyone else handle your plumbing, Amos Services are the best in the game and we’re friendly and reliable too.

If you have a drain blockage that’s annoying you and is tricky to fix yourself, then call us today on 0401 091733  and one of our drain cleaning experts will be on the way.